Two interstate highways that stretch across Louisiana are ranked among the most dangerous roads in the country, according to a new report from the finance website ValuePenguin. Interstates 10 and 20 came in at numbers four and 8 respectively on the list. Research analyst Craig Casazza says I-10 is the second darkest interstate, and it’s also known for drunk drivers.

“Almost a quarter of the accidents along I-10 had something to do with a drunk driver, and an even bigger portion in poorly lit areas,” Casazza said.

The report found that Louisiana has the third most fatal stretch of I-10, with a fatality rate of nearly 55 deadly accidents per 100 miles. Casazza says I-20 came in as the fifth darkest and eighth most dangerous highway with a fatality rate is 43 fatal crashes per 100 miles.

“What stuck out the most for I-20 was 73 accidents that happened in poor weather conditions. It was the fourth most of the highways we looked at,” Casazza said.

The most dangerous part of I-49 in Louisiana runs through Shreveport, and New Orleans is the most dangerous city for traffic fatalities in the state. Casazza says through the report, ValuePenguin wants to raise awareness about the dangerous conditions along these highways.

“We didn’t make the study with any purpose other than to bring people’s attention to these rankings. We’re not advocating for any policy changes,” Casazza said.

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