I-10 Signs

There are nearly 800 crashes annually along a notorious stretch of Interstate 10 just west of the Mississippi River. DOTD spokesperson Rodney Mallet says a video recently released showcasing accident data on the agency’s Facebook page is a stern message to distracted drivers who have been blamed for the lion’s share of the issues.

“One of the reasons we put out the video was all the conversation about how unsafe the road is when actually it is a straight shot and what is happening is people are driving too fast, not paying attention, or tailgating.”

The DOTD has taken multiple measures to ensure the safety along this stretch of highway with additional signage, cable barriers and ruble strips. Mallet says it also comes down to the responsibility of drivers to make a difference.

“We have rumble strips, we have cable barriers, all kinds of travel apps that you can use. Ultimately the driver is responsible to be safe for themselves and for others.”

Mallet says that 77 percent of the 800 accidents are from people not paying attention.

“All divers would benefit if more people would put their phones down and pay attention to what’s going on in front of them.”

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