As it turns out, the New Orleans Saints may not have gotten three-time Pro Bowl defensive end Jadeveon Clowney in a potential sign-and-trade after all.

Over the weekend, reports circulated that the Saints were attempting to acquire Clowney via a sign-and-trade, but that the NFL nixed that scenario.

Pro Football Talk reported on Monday that while the Saints did check with the NFL about a possible sign-and-trade involving Clowney and were told no, that is not the end of the story.

The report states that had the league approved a sign-and-trade involving Clowney, allowing a team like the Saints the extra salary cap space to get a deal done, it would have been the Baltimore Ravens that would have acquired Clowney, and not the Saints.

Clowney ended up signing a free-agent deal with the Tennessee Titans.

The Saints were working on a deal with the Cleveland Browns, who would have then traded him to the Saints, but the report says what likely would have gone down was that the Jacksonville Jaguars would have signed Clowney, before trading him to the Ravens.

Confused? You won't be; not after this episode of SOAP.


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