Okay, who does this frighten besides me?

Eric Cantor, Congressman from Virginia and House Majority Leader laid out an agenda for Republicans that had virtually everything that the President is looking at this year to accomplish.  There are, of course, differences in the approach to how things need to get done, but overall, the agenda appears similar.  Education, Immigration and Healthcare are on the minds of Republican leaders and those are the things that the President talked about during the election.  I guess the GOP is buying into the idea that the nation voted for the President because of those things.  I'm not sure they did, but there is once again no difference whatsoever between what they are pushing for and what the President wants.  The differences come in the details and in those the Republicans differ, particularly in making sure that taxes are reformed.

All of this aside, I think it is about time that a leader come out of the Republican ranks and push for the agenda that Republicans can believe in.  Smaller government, lower taxes, less government spending and a host of other things that are common sense could easily be brought before people, but instead, we get this Milquetoast thing that no one will be happy with that will only drive the party further apart.

With all of this, I can only say that the GOP is accepting applications for a new leader.  Clearly Mitt Romney couldn't do it and four years before John McCain couldn't do it.  Now we see leadership from Speaker Boehner and it makes more and more Republicans long for the days of Ronald Reagan.

So those that want to be a leader for the Republican party, form a line on the right and have references handy.  We need a leader and we need them last week.

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