The world can be a very cold place. Sometimes all we need to make that world a little less cold is to find a friend who is willing to just allow us to be who we are. However, that kind of "love" is hard to find in the two legged animals known as humans.

That's why I find myself more and more preferring the company of dogs. I ascribe to the notion that we as humans don't deserve dogs. They are the embodiment of unconditional love. Maybe that's why when I see or hear of a dog  being mistreated or unloved my heart breaks.

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I hate to admit it but, I still find myself tearing up at the memory of the three incredible dogs I was blessed to have in my life. Max the world's greatest dog and Cotton the  world's dumbest dog were both members of my family for 16 years.

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My first dog Smokey, a St. Bernard was only with me for three years. But in each case a part of me died with them yet, their loving memory still occupies a place in my heart that has warmed my soul on nights when the world of people has grown too cold.

But this story is not about my dogs. This is a story about a three year old greyhound named Violet. Violet was born and bred to race on the dog tracks. Yet in her first three years of life she was never raced. In fact, during her entire lifetime she was never even given a name or allowed to sleep anywhere but a kennel.

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Enter Natasha Langdridge of Tasmania Australia. I don't know Natasha personally but I can already tell I would enjoy her company. She took the then unnamed three-year-old dog into her home. Her plan was to foster the animal but according to the story in The Daily Mirror Natasha knew that this sweet innocent pup had found her forever home with her.

Natasha said the dog had never been socialized while "living" at the Brightside Farm Sanctuary. In fact, the animal had never been given a name until she met Natasha. And that is when things changed drastically for both woman and beast.

Natasha gave the dog the name Violet. She was also introduced to Langdridge's other rescue animal, also a failed racing dog named Neil. But probably the most touching moment of this story was posted on Natasha's Tik Tok account, @Hauseofhounds. In the video Violet is seen with her first ever bed.  Now remember this is a pup who had slept in only kennels for her entire life.

If you're a dog lover prepare to have your heart melted.

There are very few times in our lives when we get to experience a moment of pure joy. To me, this was one of those moments. I love the way violet drags her new bed out into the middle of the floor and then proceeds to flop all over it. It is such a simple example of what a little bit of kindness can do.

It's my belief that dogs were given to us by our creator to teach us. There are so many incredible lessons we can learn from these loving animals. I know my two current dogs, Jasper and Rudy can read my moods and feelings without me saying a word.

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From these two animals I have learned that there is always time to share affection. There is a time to play and of course a time for sleep. They've also taught me that sometimes you have to bark to get the attention you need. I have also learned that no matter what the man in the mirror chooses to say to me I am in fact worthy of love and kindness too.

Perhaps some of these simple lessons that had to be inspired by a higher power can be learned by us as humans. Maybe we shouldn't judge our fellow man by the color of his skin, the political sign in his yard, or mask that may or may not be on his face.

Maybe, just maybe, we should learn to rejoice in the little moments and make them bigger than life itself. Maybe we should all take a moment and "find our new bed" and share the joy of the experience with those whose only desire is to be there on our behalf.

I do hope for just a minute Violet's story of how she came to her forever home and how she fell in love with her first ever bed made your day the way it made mine. Again, we don't deserve dogs but I am so grateful that we were blessed with having them.

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