For the first time, a vote to the Hall of Fame is unanimous.

New York Yankees famed closer Mariano Rivera received a vote from every writer who cast a ballot, becoming the first player to get 100% of the votes cast.  Ken Griffey Jr came the closest, falling short by three votes.

Joining Rivera in the Class of 2019 are the late Roy Halladay, also elected in his first year of eligibility, along with Edgar Martinez and Mike Mussina.

Halladay and Martinez received 85.4 percent of the vote, while Mussina garnered 76.7 percent.

Curt Schilling received the most votes of those not elected, being named on 60.9 percent of the ballot.  Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds showed a modest gain from last year's vote but still fell well short at 59.5 for Clemens and 59.1 for Bonds.



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