The presumptive nominee for the Republican Party's nod for President has a new partner.  Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has been tapped by Romney to join him on the ticket as his running mate.  The announcement was made through a campaign app that the Romney campaign designed to let people know about his selection.

Word had leaked out early in the day on Saturday from several sources that indicated the former Massachusetts Governor had selected Ryan, a seven term member of Congress best known for a tea party infused budget that Republicans in the House embraced but got no further after passage there.

The pick comes just two weeks before the GOP Convention in Tampa and will give the campaign a chance to introduce his choice to the country and get supporters to back Ryan.

Ryan is a generation younger than the 65-year-old Romney at 42 years of age.  Ryan is currently chairman of the House Budget Committee, where he has made fiscal discipline a hallmark of his tenure there.

The two plan on setting out on a bus tour of several states.


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