The Saints and Falcons have the most intense rivalry in the NFL, this according to, a project of professors from West Carolina and Northern Kentucky Universities. Contributing fans are given 100 points to distribute among teams with which they believe their team has the biggest beef.

“To determine those top rivalries, we added the points from both teams to each other.  The Falcons and the Saints ame out with the highest aggregate score,” said West Carolina Professor David Tyler,

The Falcons fans gave an average or 74 points toward the Saints, and Saints fans gave back 65. Tyler says Saints fans next highest rival is Carolina, a distant second place.

“Panthers were second with 14 points and then a few other teams beyond there, Tampa Bay, San Fransisco, a few points here or there.  Nothing terribly meaningful,” said Tyler.

Tyler says he believes it is the repetition of play that makes a rivalry stand out.

“There are more of those opportunities to be in conflict and have defining moments and some of these other things that go toward contributing toward the rivalry,” said Tyler.

The 7-1 Saints are off this week but return from the bye to face the 1-7 Falcons at the Superdome on November 10.

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