For two years now The Saints and Saints fans have been disconnected when it comes to the team's wide receiver room. This entire season the biggest glaring issues aside from injuries have been the Saints' atrocious wide receiver room. From the Michael Thomas injury to the failure to sign Odell Beckham Jr. it's been a whirlwind for Saints fans dealing with the wide receivers of the Saints. Just recently it was reported that the Saints tried out WR Cody Core WR Josh Malone, WR Jalen McCleskey, and QB Clayton Thorson. WHO? But really who are these wide receivers. One fan entertainer and comedian Jono Barnes captured Saints fans' emotions by begging coach Sean Payton for better wide receivers in a new viral video.

Barnes brings up an interesting question that I too have wondered. Why haven't the Saints targeted wide receivers like Golden Tate, John Brown, or Alshon Jeffery? Is it that the Saints don't feel it's necessary to try those guys out or is it that the Saints just aren't a destination favorite among NFL teams. Whatever the case may be the Saints desperately need help in the wide receiver department. However, I don't see them correcting the issue this season. Hopefully, this upcoming offseason whether in free agency or the draft we acquire new talent at the wide receiver position. Because if not I don't see how the Saints offense can progress or lead this team to the playoffs or a Super Bowl.


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