New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins announced today he is retiring from the NFL after a 13 year career.

Jenkins explained his decision when appearing on The Pivot podcast, citing a number of reasons for his decision, including accomplishing all his career goals.

What comes next for Jenkins?

"For the last 7 years, I've been building my businesses," Jenkins said on the podcast. "I've been building my own team,,,in order to walk away from the game on my be able to choose to walk away from the game, not a lot of guys get that opportunity."

Jenkins has obviously prepared for retirement. He notes he's looking forward to always giving back to the community, but he's more than just a football player and an activist.

"Not only will I continue to work on documentaries, I'm also writing a sitcom about myself," says Jenkins.

In 13 NFL seasons, Jenkins played 7 for the New Orleans Saints, book ending his career in the Crescent City, spending his first 5 and last 2 seasons there. He was a member of the 2009 Super Bowl Championship team.

In between, he played 6 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, going to three Pro bowls, and winning a Super Bowl there as well.

Which team will he retire with?

"It's tough, I don't know how or which one to choose at this point, but I do know I made a lasting impact on both franchises, and more importantly, both cities have made a lasting impact on my life," explained Jenkins.

One thing in Jenkins future is a spot in the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame.

With his retirement, there is no member of the 2009 Saints Super Bowl roster under contract in the NFL.

Punter Thomas Morstead, who was also a rookie in 2009, has not retired, but is currently a free agent.

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