Remember when Saturday mornings used to be the best? In the battle between Saturday mornings as a kid and Saturday mornings as an adult, it's pretty clear which comes out the winner.

As a kid you couldn't wait to get out of bed and start your weekend.

Now you don't want to wake up.

And don't even try to do anything without a cup of coffee.

You used to eat cereal and get an awesome toy for doing so.

Now you have Wheat Thins for breakfast, because you forgot to go to the store.

You used to watch Saturday morning cartoons and they were the best.

Now you look forward to reading the paper, even though it's totally depressing.

This used to be the greatest thing you could imagine.

Now you just hope your Groupon for a bottomless brunch hasn't expired.

You used to think anything was possible.

Now you don't even think you can make it to the gym.

You used to get dressed right away so you could go out and play.

Now you don't change because there's no point in even getting out of bed.

But, hey, you still have cartoons.