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Eli Manning Headlines Louisiana Sports Hall Of Fame Induction

Drew Brees & Eli Manning
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Doug Ireland, chairman of the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame, joins the show today to talk about the Hall of Fame induction class for the 2023 induction ceremony. The class is headlined by two-time Superbowl MVP Eli Manning, and also features UL legend and weightlifter Walter Imahara. There are also several familiar names from LSU history in the line-up.

Chuck Schumer Isn't So Positive About November

In a meeting with other top Democrats, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer shared dire warnings about their prospects this midterm election. While Nancy Pelosi is out saying "We're doing great, and we might even pick up seats!", privately, many Democrats are saying just the opposite. During this meeting, he informed his colleagues that he believes Democrats only have a 60 percent chance of holding onto the Senate (although, given recent numbers, that may be an overestimate) and a 40 percent chance of retaining control of the House. Here's a quick breakdown of what else Schumer said, via Punchbowl News.

  • The Senate majority leader said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy “sucks up” to former President Donald Trump.
  • Schumer also said he believed Trump would run for election in 2024.
    Schumer said Democrats won’t be able to win the Senate race in Iowa. Democrat Mike Franken, a former Navy vice admiral, is running against longtime GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley.
  • With Kelly at the table, Schumer said the Arizona Senate race would tighten if tech billionaire Peter Thiel started spending money to boost Republican Blake Masters.
  • On the legislative front, Schumer said Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-W.Va.) claim that taxing the rich is akin to “inflation” for wealthy Americans is “ridiculous.”
  • Schumer criticized former New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo over redistricting, blaming Cuomo for Democrats failure to pick up House seats during redistricting.

The Railroad Crisis Averted?

After a marathon negotiation last night, it looks like a strike that could shut down the railroads has been averted. Railroad companies gave union leaders what they demanded, namely unpaid sick days that would offer more flexibility to their extremely rigid schedule. The Biden administration worked to get the negotiations through, and Biden released a celebratory statement early Thursday morning.

Headlines Of The Day

  • Major Shake-up at CNN as Don Lemon Leaves Prime Time, Moves to New Morning Show (RedState)
  • Mortgage rates top 6% for the first time since 2008 (CNN)
  • Lafayette Police Officer Brian Rozas Released From Hospital (KPEL)
  • The SEC Has Directed Tennessee and Georgia to Cancel Their Scheduled Non-Conferenames Against Oklahoma Starting Next Year (Barstool)
  • Democrats dream of a drama-free fall (Politico)

Tweet Of The Day

Lafayette Stores Your Parents Shopped At That Are Gone Now

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