This is a weekend that thousands of Louisiana residents look forward to every year. Sure, it's the start of the high school and college football season, but it's also the Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday weekend. That means those who enjoy the outdoors can save thousands of dollars in state and local  taxes by making purchases this weekend.

Kizzy Payton is a spokesperson for Louisiana's Department of Revenue and she told the Louisiana Radio Network about the tax holiday and how it works.

They can pick up all types of all types of hunting supplies, including archery equipment, ATVs, safety gear and apparel.

The tax holiday also includes firearms and ammunition. If you're wondering what is included and what is excluded in the exemption you can visit the Department of Revenue website for a complete list of items.

Payton says it's not just consumers who are excited about the opportunity to save money. Many retailers have been looking forward to this weekend for months.

We’ve heard from several of them as they have been ramping up and getting ready for customers to come in. They’re excited about it, they say that they usually see a large influx of customers coming in.

Our suggestion is make sure you've got  your supply list and get into the stores early for the best selection.


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