British schools are reportedly putting video cameras in bathrooms.

British Fox News reporter Simon Owen joined "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" live from London this morning to discuss this interesting privacy issue.

Owen explained that the cameras reportedly installed in over 200 British schools are meant to serve as a mischief deterrent and safety precaution.

The reasons they're putting these things in is for minor theft or to catch students having a cigarette. British schools don't have big problems with weapons being brought to schools or anything. They're admitting this isn't serious misdemeanors they're chasing.

British privacy campaigners have questioned why the schools can't come up with a less invasive solution such as better security or more secure lockers, but Owen does admit that British populations have largely become a accustomed to being perpetually watched.

The prevalence of security cameras here has become a talking point. There's some figure that says if you're walking around London you'll be filmed over 50 times. Being British, you don't feel like you're a heavily monitored citizen, but there are a lot of cameras around town. The schools have significantly more than the town centers. Some schools have 1 camera for every 5 students. Our students are being watched quite a lot.

At the moment only a small portion of British schools have reported placing security cameras in school, but privacy groups fear that this small portion can grow.

The question becomes, would you ever be okay with security cameras in the bathrooms of American schools? Share your thoughts in the poll.