Senator Elbert Guillory joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss the launch of the 'Free At Last' political action committee and condemning out-of-control federal spending.


According to Senator Guillory,

The 'Free At Last' PAC was put together to give us resources so that we could do what we're doing.  That's to get this message out, especially to audiences that have not before considered the Republican Party.  We want to go into the black communities, we want to go into the barrios, into the hood and let them know what our values are.  I believe that in both those communities there are more conservative people, their values are more conservative than is being reflected by the American values of today.

We asked the Senator what he meant in his video announcing the Free At Last PAC when he said, 'It is my sincere hope that I can help people reach a conclusion before economic realities force them to the realization'.  Senator Guillory replied,

If at your home you spend twice as much money as you take in you're going to go broke and that's what our 'bad guy in-chief' in Washington is doing.  He's spending almost twice as much money as we take in and he does it year after year.  This nation cannot sustain that level of spending.

Senator Guillory attributed much of the decline of the American middle-class to global spending on the part of the US government.  He put it this way,

So much of it (federal dollars) is being spent building bridges and highways.  Building huge construction projects in other countries where other people get the benefit of those jobs and we don't.

Senator Guillory had much more to say about the US economy, the decline of the American middle-class, jobs and hard work.  Take a listen to the interview:

Watch the video:

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