The latest school shooting, this time at Santa Fe High School, has reignited the conversation around gun regulations. In response to the Parkland massacre, several bills were introduced in Louisiana that targeted firearms, but all were struck down. New Orleans Senator Troy Carter, who introduced several gun bills this year, says he hopes the legislature will come around on gun control.

“We had opportunities this session to address some of this. Hopefully people will start to understand that this is not anti-second amendment, this is about saving lives.”

Carter introduced three gun control bills. One that would restrict assault rifle sales to those over the age of 21, another that would track ammo sales, and a final bill that banned bump stocks. He says despite a lack of support in the capital this year, he’ll be reintroducing them next year.

“I fully intend to bring all three and maybe even others forward to what I hope will be a bipartisan approach to sensible gun measures.”

The New Orleans Democrat says for any gun control legislation to gain traction, one organization in particular is going to have to get behind it.

“You can support the second amendment while still protecting life. The NRA is at the top iof that argument and they can really weigh in in a big way. They can still protect their members while still protecting lives.”

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