Senator David Vitter photo by KPEL
Senator David Vitter photo by KPEL

US Senator David Vitter visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and discussed the Senate budget vote, progress on VA clinic construction and Harry Reid.

When asked to update us on the progress of VA clinic construction in Lafayette and Lake Charles Vitter replied,

The bill that will help them move forward is through the US House.  Our delegation got it cleared there...We're trying to do the same thing in the Senate.  There is a small handful of people who have some questions about it.  We're answering those.  We hope to do that this week.

According to Senator Vitter it's not a matter of wanting to care for veteran's,

The question is, is the VA doing this properly, doing the leases properly and will this increase the deficit in any way?  Certainly there's no question about the need including in Lake Charles and Lafayette and there are 27 clinics involved in 15 states.  I don't think there's any question about the need in any of those.

Senator Harry Reid has attacked Senator Vitter saying that Vitter "enjoys the government-sponsored health care contribution he reportedly continues to receive even as he launches these pointless political attacks".  We asked if he could explain Reid's comments and Vitter said,

He is a classic example of what I've been railing against and what I've been talking about and what the American people are fed up with.  Even though there's a clear provision in the Obamacare statute and it says very clearly 'all members of Congress' all of our official staff needs to go to the exchanges for their healthcare.  Even though it says that very clearly he has found a way to exempt a big part of his staff...The way he does that is he classifies them as not official staff.

You can listen to the entire interview with Senator Vitter to hear all of his comments about Senator Harry Reid, the VA clinics and the budget vote by clicking on the link below: