Senator David Vitter joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and discussed among other things:

  • The IRS targeting conservative groups such as the TEA party
  • The Justice Department's seizure of AP reporters phone records
  • His sponsored water reform bill heading to the House after Senate passage

When asked about the onslaught of scandals facing the Obama Administration Senator Vitter said,

Unfortunately it is a pattern.  I don't think these are isolated incidents.  It is a pattern and I think it's all about being very political, picking winners and losers and using all of the levers of power in a very crass way.

According to Senator Vitter, Attorney General Eric Holder will face some tough questioning today.

He will face a grilling, as he should.  So far although he's recused himself from the investigation of this AP scandal he's also defended so far the actions of his department and from what I've seen they are indefensible.

Senator Vitter noted a difference between the AP scandal and other recent scandals.

This time the target is essentially on the left.  The target of abuse is a part of the media so we'll see if that at least rouses a few Democratic lawmakers to be concerned as well.

On a positive note Senator Vitter said his water resources bill is moving forward.

We're actually going to pass from the Senate floor today a good strong bi-partisan water resources bill.  It has a lot to do with dredging,water-borne commerce and the Army Corps of Engineers.  All of those things are important to Louisiana.  I've worked very, very hard with an unlikely partner, Barbara Boxer of California.  On this issue she's actually been a very good partner....We're going to pass it through the Senate today.

Listen to the interview:

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