It was just under 24 hours ago that a line of very strong thunderstorms, some of them severe rumbled through parts of South Louisiana. Those storms caused structural damage to several homes in St Landry Parish and lightning from one of those storm cells is believed to have been the catalyst for a fire at a Lafayette apartment complex.

The system that pushed through the heart of Acadiana yesterday had just enough "oomph" to make it barely through. A check of weather radar scans from the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas will reveal that the storms and heavy rain associated with that system aren't too far away. Heavy rain has been continuing in southeastern Louisiana since mid-afternoon yesterday.

Meanwhile, that frontal system that was the catalyst for the storms has gone stationary just south and east of Acadiana. Today, that system is expected to start sliding back to the north as a warm front. This will mean another threat of showers and storms across the area.

The Storm Prediction Center has placed the area along and north of a line from roughly the southern tip of Toledo Bend Reservoir to Lafayette, New Iberia, and Morgan City in the marginal risk zone for more severe storms. The area that is west and south of that line might still see strong storms but it doesn't look as if the storms will reach the threshold to become classified as severe.

Rain chances for this morning will be slight across much of Acadiana. However, by this afternoon and evening, rain probabilities will be on the increase. Forecasters believe rainfall totals today will be only a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch in most locations. But if you find yourself caught under a strong storm you could see a lot more rainfall than that.

Things really don't improve for Thursday as once again the SPC is placing a large part of Louisiana at risk for severe storms. The outlook for Thursday actually puts most of the state in the slight risk zone. That means conditions for severe storms tomorrow will be just a little bit better than they are today.

Courtesy KATC

The rain will finally end late Thursday afternoon and evening and by Friday the sunshine will return. The weekend forecast won't be rain-free but it won't be a total washout either. Rain chances on Saturday are listed at 20%. The chance of rain for Sunday is currently posted at 30%.

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