Shreveport Attorney Royal Alexander gives an eyewitness account of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon building.

Alexander was staying at a Virginia hotel, only a quarter mile from the military headquarters when to attack took place. "I was with (late) Congressman Clyde Holloway," Alexander says, "And he had already gone into DC. I was still in my hotel room. There was a big roar sound. I looked and saw smoke billowing and quickly walked outside and saw smoke from the corner of the Pentagon."

Alexander also recalls that numerous others were outside, as well, but no one really knew what had happened.  "Other people were out in the parking lot and looking around...and hundreds and hundreds of people from the Pentagon were running out of the building and my little area just got packed with people. And at that point we really didn't know it was a plane, just that there had been a loud roar and an explosion."

He then says that, as time passed and more media information became available, he and everyone around him became aware of the multiple attacks. "People began to say, 'Oh, no! It was a plane and it was by design.' And before too long the sky was filled with military helicopters and planes. There were also black Suburbans - striking looking - and there were numerous men with weapons."


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