While it won't be the perfect storm it will certainly be a perfect chance for things to get quite stormy around Acadiana especially later this weekend. Abundant Gulf moisture, an approaching frontal system, and a Category 5 hurricane in the Pacific will all play a part in a rather wet end to our weekend.

Today's forecast won't be that bad with cloudy skies, muggy conditions, and a minimal chance of showers. The rain chances will increase to about 40% over much of the area on Saturday and by Sunday we can expect some heavy downpours and significant rainfall totals.

The current forecast models indicate that the best chances for heavier rain will be more in the Lake Charles area than points east like Lafayette and Baton Rouge. However, just about everybody along Louisiana's coast will see some rain at sometime on Sunday.

The outlook for severe weather according to the Storms Prediction Center is not that great. The biggest issue most of the area will be dealing with is intermittent heavy downpours and some possible flash flooding as rainfall totals accumulate through the weekend and into early next week.