For the second consecutive year, Louisiana ranks number two in the nation for infrastructure investment, according to Site Selection Magazine’s Global Groundwork Index.  Economic Development Secretary Don Pierson says the publication recognizes the state’s significant enhancements through recent initiatives.

“Essentially what it is about is smart investment.  We see a lot going on around the state.  I know there is a lot to be done,” said Pierson.

Pierson says the state has seen almost $40 billion invested in infrastructure throughout the state, just in 2019.

“When you travel the state, you’ll see construction ongoing on roads and bridges and airports.  Pipelines are under construction.  Rail infrastructure is being improved,” said Pierson.

The publication also took into consideration the state’s $50 billion coastal master plan to protect and restore the state’s coast.  Pierson says strengthening wetlands, swamp and estuaries buffers communities and industries against storm surge.

“There’s also a significant revenue stream associated with those projects, so we are definitely focused on that and how we optimize that for Louisiana companies and Louisiana workers,” said Pierson.

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