Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' Louisiana State Trooper Stephen Hammons was joined by Jim Simon, General Manager of the Louisiana Sugar Cane to discuss highway safety at harvest time.  Hammons and Simon also fielded questions from KPEL NewsJunkies.

From e-mail one of our NewsJunkies sent an image of a customized license plate that read '45 Cal 4 U' and questioned the legality of such a plate.  To that Hammons replied,

The plate seems to have been painted after it was issued and that is illegal.  You cannot alter a license plate.  Just like we've discussed in the past you cannot cover a license plate with covers that hinder the reading of the plate and certainly you cannot paint over a license plate for any reason.  And as odd as it may sound it's an issue we see quite a lot.

With sugar cane harvesting well underway we asked Jim Simon for an update on the crop.  According to Simon,

It's a good crop.  We started the year off with some concerns about the crop but it actually grew through September and October which is not normal.  It's turning out to be a really good crop in fact we're about 60 percent through with the harvest.

As Simon stated the harvest was going well so we asked him about the yield of the harvest and he said,

We've got some great varieties out there and we try to improve the sugar per acre by increasing the tonnage, increasing the sugar content and the varieties.  The yield is good this year.

Simon and Hammons also discussed highway safety during harvest time and you can hear those comments by clicking on the button below to hear the entire interview: