How is it that 'Star Trek Into Darkness' is only a few months away and we still don't know the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch's mysterious, trenchcoat-wearing villain? Despite the fact that we know absolutely nothing about him (aside from the fact that he means to do great harm to the crew of the Enterprise), he's been at the center of the film's marketing, including a brand new motion poster that you can check out below.

The motion poster is combination of the film's theatrical one-sheet and its trailer, animating the visuals of the former and overlaying it with dialogue from the latter. The camera slowly pulls back from a cityscape as Cumberbatch's "John Harrison" (if that's his real name) warns that he will soon have his vengeance. It's the not the most ambitious thing in the world, but it's certainly ominous and would probably catch your eye if you walked past in a theater lobby.

And that brings us back to wondering who the heck Cumberbatch is playing in this thing. This motion poster (and the regular poster and the trailer) go out of their way to make us wonder who he is and with director JJ Abrams being so coy about his identity, we know he has to be somebody recognizable within the 'Star Trek' canon. At this point, it would be disappointing if he wasn't Khan...but it would also feel a little disappointing if he was someone as obvious as Khan.

'Star Trek Into Darkness' will hit theaters on May 15th. The motion poster comes courtesy of Empire.