A highway safety traffic enforcement program that resulted in some state troopers receiving overtime pay when they were at home has been reinstated after new rules were put in place. The investigation by WVUE-TV in New Orleans led to the suspension of three troopers. State Police Major Doug Cain says changes have been made to prevent payroll fraud.

"Our patrol commanders, our patrol majors and our deputy superintendent of patrol brought some ideas to improve the program to Superintendent Kevin Reeves and we have launched those improvements," Cain said.
Cain says some of the adjustments were common sense improvements that improved accountability.
"A trooper has to sign up through his troop one week in advance and they have to be in that parish the entire time they are working," Cain said.
The Fox 8 TV investigation found Trooper Daryl Thomas made 240-thousand dollars a year by abusing the LACE program. Troopers will still be paid for working extra shifts, but Cain says there’s now a maximum time a trooper can work.
"We have capped overtime at 48 hours per pay period. That's all overtime," Cain said.
And Troopers will now not be allowed to log time spent traveling between their assigned parish and their home.