District 77 State Representative John M. Schroder Sr. announced via press release this morning that he will seek the job of Louisiana Treasurer.

The seat became vacant when John Kennedy became a United State Senator.

Schroder is from St. Tammany Parish, and he has been a State Representative for nine years.

Schroder describes himself as a fiscal conservative who believes that Louisiana needs to do more cutting of the budget instead of spending money.

"Louisiana has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. We are structurally broken. Irresponsible spending practices are not a new problem for our state, and this isn't the first time I've said it. In my first term as a state legislator eight years ago, I quickly recognized that we had fundamental issues with our budget and spending practices. I have always taken a stand for the Louisiana for the Louisiana taxpayer and that will not change when elected treasurer."

The United States Army veteran says he and his wife Ellie have successfully owned and operated several family businesses for dozens of years. He's ready to tackle the Treasurer's job.

He says he will run a grassroots campaign, and he already has $500,000 on hand to begin his campaign.

This election will be in October of this year.