The Senate Democratic Caucus offers a solution on solving the one billion dollar shortfall. Chairman TroyCarter proposes compressing income tax brackets, removing sales tax exemptions that benefit some businesses and expand the sales tax base, so certain services are taxed.

“The more we balance this across the board the less people individually have to hurt.”

Carter, who is a state senator from New Orleans, says the Democratic Caucus offers up this plan because they oppose any effort to renew the temporary one-cent sales tax. He says the changing of income tax brackets would not mean a huge increase in taxes for higher income wage earners.

“Very small amount across the board as opposed to sales taxes that hit the poorest of the poor at the same rate that it hits the richest of the rich.”

But Director for the Louisiana Chapter of Americans for Prosperity, John Kay, says the Senate Democratic Caucus proposal would raise income taxes on the middle class by 50-percent.

“In my opinion its one of the most destructive ways to address the fiscal cliff. If you are going to raise taxes in Louisiana, which I wish they wouldn’t, this is the worst way to do that.”

Kay doesn't see how this tax plan will get the 70 votes needed in the House, especially when many legislators are looking at ways to reduce spending.

“This is a non-starter for most people in the House of Representatives, and I don’t see how they can ever get this passed through. It’s not a compromise at all.”