WOODWORTH, La. (AP) — Louisiana wildlife agents say a stolen cellular game camera kept sending pictures, letting them identify the man who had it. He and the man he said he'd bought it from were arrested.

A Department of Wildlife and Fisheries statement Monday said 55-year-old Kurt Wiggins is accused of theft and 53-year-old Ernie Jenkins of possessing stolen items. Both are from Woodworth. Department spokesman Adam Einck says he doesn't know whether either has an attorney.

He says a U.S. Department of Agriculture feral hog trapper reported Sept. 16 that his game camera, mount and battery pack were stolen from a trap site in the Kisatchie National Forest near Woodworth.

Einck says agents with a search warrant found the items Sept. 19 at Jenkins' home.

The camera was marked as U.S. government property.

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