A Tulane University professor has filed suit in Orleans Parish Civil District Court to keep the Beauregard statue in place stating that it is not owned by the city. Richard Marksbury argues that the City Park Improvement Association is the true owner of the monument located in City Park and Mayor Mitch Landrieu would need their approval before taking it down.

“If you look at the Historic Register records, you’ll see that they list Beauregard on private property, Robert E. Lee on public property, they distinguish those two.”

The Beauregard monument is one of four military statutes that are set to be removed by the city of New Orleans in the coming weeks. Marksbury is seeking a temporary restraining order from a judge to halt its removal.

“City Park is now under the administration of the Secretary of the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism. Only that secretary has the right to grant a permit to do this, that has not been done.”

Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser supports the efforts to stop the removal of the Confederate Monuments. Marksbury says if this suit is unsuccessful, he will ask the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals and see what can be done at that level.

“There is absolutely no hard evidence that the city of New Orleans owns the statue and there is certainly isn’t any that they owned the land. The act of sale is the act of sale, it’s very clear that the family gave it to City Park.”