Spring is officially here, which means summer is just around the corner! That means the kids will be out of school in a couple of weeks, so parents, now is a good time to enroll them in constructive activities.

There are a wide variety of Summer Camp Programs in and around the city. Below are a few options to choose from, and it just so happens that registration is in full swing!

The City of Lake Charles Recreation and Parks Department began registration on April 3 and resumed the application process Monday, April 10. Registration is open to kids ages 5-11, and the Summer Camp Programs will take place at various City Park Community Centers at the following locations -

Bellard Community Center (2808 Hillcrest Dr.) College Oaks Community Center (3518 Ernest St.)  Henry Heights Community Center (801 East School St.) Donald Ray Stevens Community Center (1619 Cessford St.) and McMillan Community Center (343 Goos St.).

To register, a parent or guardian must bring a copy of their child’s birth certificate. Please note this is a mandatory requirement with no exceptions. There is an option to purchase a Summer Camp T-shirt for $8 per shirt at registration. The City Summer Camp Program will feature a different theme every week. See the flyer below for more details.

Week 1 SuperHeroes

Week 2 Louisiana’s Animal Kingdom

Week 3 Aviation

Week 4 Dinosaur Adventures

Week 5 Exploring the Great Outdoors

Week 6 STEM

Week 7 Performing Arts

Week 8 In Deep Water

City of Lake Charles
City of Lake Charles

Branch Out Arts Camp - June (5/9, 12/16, 19/23, 26/30) and July (10/14, 17/21), Weekly sessions will occur at the Imperial Calcasieu Museum at 203 W. Sallier Street. This camp is open to students K-8th grade. Classes are small to offer students personalized attention from certified teachers. Campers will learn various skills such as drawing, painting, ceramics, shape and form, papercraft, and color theory. (337) 439-3797.

Felice Kicking Camps - June 10 - for 8th - 12th-grade student-athletes.
Learn how to prepare, train, compete, and execute through an objective, technical, and tactical curriculum. Athletes will be taught how to kick, punt, snap, and hold a football properly. Campers will receive unparalleled training and instruction for coaches, kickers, punters, and snappers. Prepare, train, compete, and execute through an objective, technical and tactical curriculum. It's a full day of instructional activities where athletes will learn the following:

- Technique and Form
- Development of a Daily and Weekly Kicking Regime
- Punting Instruction
- Strength Training Drills
- Field Goal and Kick Off instruction
- Snapping and Holding instruction
- Mental Preparation
- Proper Body Biomechanics
- Strength Training Drills
- Video Evaluation and Critique

To learn more about Summer Camp events in your area, click HERE.

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