(KPEL News) - One of my favorite movie franchises of all-time is the "Rocky" movie series. While superstar actor Sylvester Stallone is known for a wide variety of characters he has played, his Rocky Balboa character is who I will always identity him with.

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Of the six movies featuring Rocky Balboa as the main character, "Rocky IV" was my all-time favorite. Whether it's the insane training montage he goes through to prepare for Russian boxer Ivan Drago..

...or the Final Round in the fight against Drago during which he makes a hostile Soviet crowd a believer in him and overcomes great size and length advantage of Drago as his wife cheers him on...

...the cinematography and story-telling of USA vs. Soviet Union during the Cold War were second to none in my opinion.

Recently, Stallone appeared on "Friday Night With Jonathan Ross" and was asked by the host to rate each of the six Rocky movies. One thing I love about the interview is the candidness in which Stallone talked about them.

Everyone knows that "Rocky V" was the bad apple in the bunch. Described as "a absolute trainwreck" and "an unpleasant film," it is the movie many people would vote out of the franchise if they could.

But what did Stallone rate it?

In the interview below, Stallone rates Rocky's I - V and gives some personal insight into the movies themselves. Which one was his favorite? If you are a fan of the 'Rocky' movie franchise, you will love to watch the interview below.

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