We've all been there. You get your Taco Bell order and halfway on your way home you realize: "They forgot to ask me if I wanted sauce!!!"

Yep, the Taco Bell sauce packets are an absolute necessity to completing any meal from the Mexican fast food giant.

If you are sauce junkie, then there's some big news that just came out. Taco Bell has just announced they're making a new line of tortilla chips that taste just like their sauce packets.

The best part is that the chip bags will even look just like the sauce packets!

You'll be able to get the chips in mild and fire flavors. Apparently the diablo sauce flavor was just too much to handle.

They'll also have a classic flavor with no seasoning. (What's the fun in that?)

You won't even have to go to a Taco Bell restaurant to get these chips. They are going to hit grocery stores in May.

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