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NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A New Orleans businessman who hasn't paid property taxes in 30 years on a building he owns has resigned from the Louisiana Tax Commission.

That move followed an investigation by WVUE-TV that uncovered Jimmie Thorns' outstanding tax debt.

Thorns' business, Jim Thorns Inc., acquired a building in the 1980's but hasn't paid a penny in property taxes. The current outstanding bill is $140,000.

Gov. John Bel Edwards appointed Thorns to the commission, which ensures fair, accurate and uniform property taxation. In a statement, Edwards said he began a review of Thorns' appointment after learning of the debt. Thorns resigned Thursday at Edwards' request, ending a nine-month run on the board.

As a member of the tax commission, Thorns was paid $56,000 per year to oversee the state's tax policy.


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