We want more stories like this.

Janet C Perez posted this photo of a young boy and his mother in Texas and as you can see in the photo above, two men are there standing with the young boy.

According to the Facebook post below, the young boy was selling snacks and other goodies to raise money for a lawnmower and weed eater. Well, while Ms. Perez was there to support the young boy, the two men in the photo showed up with a weed water.

The two men were aware of his efforts and they took it upon themselves to make the purchase. Now, according to a few comments below the original post, the lawnmower was also gifted by Gator Country Animal Rescue.

Now the young boy is on his way to making money and doing what he wants to do, working in yards.

We salute all that helped this young boy in Beaumont, Tx and hope to see more stories like this. When a community comes together, great things happen.


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