AAA is forecasting the number of travelers for the Thanksgiving holiday to be the highest since 2005. Whether on the roadway, in the airports, or on cruise ships. AAA spokesperson Don Redman said the higher number of travelers is likely a sign of confidence in the economy.

"AAA has noted for years it's not just the price of gasoline that determines whether or not people are going to drive.  It's the overall state of the economy, particularly how they feel about their own personal economy," said Redman

Redman said on the national level, over 54 million travelers are expected to be in transit, with a bulk of that by car. That’s a five percent increase over last year. Redman said when it comes to our region…

"We're looking to expect around 8 million people traveling through and around Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama areas and Texas, so there are going to be very heavy roadways," said Redman

Redman added those that are taking to the air for their means of transportation, you may want to arrive at the airport earlier you might expect.

"Just to be on the safe side, we always encourage our members, especially with the new TSA regulations, that you get there at least two hours before your flight," said Redman.

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