I've been quiet for over a week when it comes to giving my feelings about what happened at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome a week ago Sunday.

I've listened to fans.  I've talked to friends.  I've read....a lot.

And, I've listened to people who think they know what they are talking about, but in reality, don't.

I'm speaking specifically of those who suggest the call that went against the Saints in the final two minutes of the NFC Championship Game didn't cost them the game.

Now, I know what they are trying to say.  LSU coach Will Wade said he used it as a teaching tool...that every play counts, every possession counts.  And, it is, in fact, a good teaching tool.

But Little Willy needs to keep talk like that in the locker room.  Because his public comment that the Saints lost the game before the fourth quarter is just the latest in his verbal missteps.  From his petulant actions at the NIT game versus Louisiana to his snide comment asking the media how they enjoyed College Station, a dig about local media not doing a good job of covering his team's game that weekend...well...let's just say there's a trend there.

But I digress.

So many national people have, in effect, said the same thing.

In a way, they are right.  There are some plays the Saints could have made which would have made the non-call moot.  But they seem to suggest the Saints and their fans didn't have the right to get a fair shake at the end of the game.

Whether they are trying to make a point, defend the indefensible or justify robbing the Saints the opportunity to play in what is now the Asterisk Bowl, the reality is the Saints got jobbed.

So, for all those folks...the national media, aspiring talk show hosts and even Little Willy, who suggest the Saints lost the game earlier, let me say this.

There might have been other things which cost the Saints a victory.  But there's only ONE possible way the Rams get to the Super Bowl.

Got it?  Good.


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