Let's face it: sometimes no matter how hard you try, no matter how much planning you put into a morning show, it sometimes just doesn't go as planned.

This was most definitely the case this morning.

In a segment during which I was planning on talking about U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu's  criticisms of Republicans for not wanting to take a deal that would have approved the Keystone XL pipeline, it instead went in a direction that I had not even anticipated.

I had opened the previous segment by sharing an experience I had just had mere moments prior. You see, I enjoy having Pop-Tarts for breakfast. Contrary to what the vast majority of Americans apparently do, however microwave my Pop-Tarts, rather than put them in the toaster. But for whatever reason, I decided to try the office toaster. I unwrapped my breakfast pastry, placed them into the slots, and pushed the lever down. About a minute later, though, I whiffed the familiar smell of something that was clearly burning. I attempted the pull the lever back up (as I have been able to do with basically every other toaster I have ever used until this point), but it remained steadfastly locked in the "down" position.

Flabbergasted, and concerned about the continued ruination of my breakfast, I muttered something reflecting my hatred for this particular toaster. Our digital overlord Sam Stokes was grabbing something out of the refrigerator and heard my frustration and proceeded to press an orange button that evidently aborts the toasting process for just this type of situation.

My chagrin was plain as day, but that didn't stop Sam and Bernie from rubbing it in during the talk segment before our bottom-of-the-hour news break and then some more while we were in the break.

Fast forward to the aforementioned segment during which I was set to blast Landrieu. By this point, Sam's boss, Dave Landry, had joined us in the studio; he had overheard our previous conversation during his drive to work, and he wanted to add to the discussion. I suddenly had to defend myself because I preferred the microwave over the toaster.

The next eight minutes, which included a phone call from KPEL contributor Chef Pat Mould, had all of us clutching our stomachs with laughter. Go ahead and listen to it; click on the 'Play' button below.

Oh, and apparently a standup comedian made a joke of some of the very points I was using in my defense. That video is below as well.

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