Recently we had someone tell us of a story that happened years ago and in talking with people around the office it turns out that other people have heard similar stories. Now there's no way for us to prove if this story is real, so we'll leave that up to you... but it is a good tale! The story takes place near a place called Kickapoo which was located close to the intersection of Hwy 80 and Benton Rd...

The story was told to us by Terri Batt who said:

 "My mom tells a story of her and my brother was living out of there car when she left my stepfather. She said she was on the road by the Kickapoo when I Police Officer stop to help them when she explains what was happening and that they had no money no gas and that she left her husband because he was abusing her and my brother. The police Officer gave them money for gas and took them to the Kickapoo and paid for a week she told him when she got back on her feet she would like to pay him back he said it’s not necessary but she insisted so he gave her a card with his number on it. About 5 months later she was in an apartment and wanted to think him and pay him for his help well she called the number and a lady answered and she asked if the officer was there they lady ask what kind of game are u playing and mom said it’s not a game that she wanted to think the Officer for him help and pay him the lady asked my mom to come to her house and she did. When she gets there the lady asked her what did the Officer look like well the lady explains she gets these calls from time to time you see the Officer had been dead for five years and he was making a traffic stop when this person shot and killed him on that road she was on the lady figures he gives her number so she would know her son is still patrolling the streets of Bossier city and that his mom will know he is ok the lady and my mom kept in contact for a while sometimes the lady would 2 to 6 calls in a month she said her son was staying busy so if your over by the Kickapoo in bossier city and an Officer pulls you over just remember it may be the ghost of Bossier police dept!"

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