The pumpkin spice craze is in full swing as it is around this time every year, and experts say there's science behind your autumn craving.

Dr. Michelle Moore is a psychologist at LSU Health New Orleans, and she says people have natural reactions to certain scents, and your brain gets triggered to certain memories.

"Usually reminds you of something happy, or pleasurable," said Moore. "So for some people, pumpkin spice is associated with fall, and makes other associations to happy memories."

Moore says when fall rolls around and leaves fall off the trees, people connect the cooler weather with all sorts of positive things, which is what makes them want pumpkin spice. She says the other phenomenon that's occurring, is that pumpkin spice is very trendy.

"The addiction or obsession is also just from social media, and people seeing that so many others are excited about it, that they want to be a part of that," said Moore.

Starbucks first developed its pumpkin spice latte in 2003, and the craze has spread to all sorts of other seasonal products. Moore says when something like this takes on a life of its own, everyone wants in on the action.

"Because they know that something that that everyone is paying attention to, it's on people's minds," said Moore. "And people will buy most anything just because it says pumpkin spice."

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