It’s been a week since medical marijuana became available to patients in Louisiana and grower GB Sciences says about 10,000 vials of the treatment have been delivered to nine pharmacies licensed to sell the product. GB President John Davis says there have only been a few hiccups.

“It’s going very well due in part to a lot of outreach by the pharmacies. We are really increasing awareness in the medical community.”

GB is partnered with the LSU AgCenter in growing the plants that are turned into the non-psychoactive treatment.

We don’t know exactly how many people have participated in the program so far due to doctor-patient confidentially, but Davis says they estimate it’s between 5,000-10,000 residents.

“It’s all been very positive and heartwarming, and the testimonials are very moving. When patients say it works, it really works, that really strikes at our mission.”

Each vial purchased by a patient with an authorized prescription runs about 80-200 dollars.

Davis says with a seamless rollout behind them, they’re looking forward to offering oral strips by September/October, creams by later this year, and inhalable product by the first quarter of next year.

“There are always things like that that we are working through, making the delivery system more smooth, educating more doctors, we are constantly working on those tweaks.”

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