It's the sickness that we are all sick and tired of talking about. It's the flu and I am afraid our conversation about the "bug" is just getting started. You've no doubt heard the reports of how the Centers for Disease Control is now saying it's more of a question of "when" and not "if" the U.S. will be facing complications from the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

To make matters worse, we're already struggling with seasonal flu in Louisiana. According to the latest Walgreen's Pharmacy Flu Index, three cities in Louisiana have been identified as hot spots for the disease in the nation.

The Walgreen's Index lists Shreverport-Bossiere, Lafayette, and Monroe-El Dorado Arkansas as the number four, five, and six most affected communities in the nation. The top spot for the flu according to Walgreen's is in West Virginia.

Officials with the Centers for Disease Control say the entire country, with the exception of Idaho, Oregon, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia are all reporting widespread flu activity.

While this strain of flu might not be the Coronavirus or COVID 19 strain the precautions we need to take are much the same. To protect yourself from the flu avoid being around sick people or where sick people have been. You need to make sure you're keeping your hands washed or sanitized as often as you can. If you're not feeling well go to a doctor and get checked out and if your doctor says to stay home then, stay home.

Finally, get your flu shot. We don't know how that shot will work against the COVID-19 or Coronavirus but we do know it should help you battle the seasonal flu bug a lot better.

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