Last week marked the debut of a 'parklet' in downtown Lafayette.

My first question was, what the heck is a 'parklet'? I soon found out it is a temporary seating arrangement of tables, chairs, benches and umbrellas that simulate a small park atmosphere that can be established in one location and moved later. This project by the Downtown Development Authority is a crowd sourced project which means no taxpayer money was used to cover the $1,500 cost. Through crowd sourcing I understand the goal was to raise $1,500 and the final tally to come in was $2,000 so it seems like a lot of people wanted this project.

I think it looks great, makes for a convenient place to meet and hasn't cost the taxpayers anything. I don't know if I ever will find time to park myself at the 'parklet' but if I could I might bring a cup of coffee (or gelato from Carpe Diem across the street) with a book to spend some time. Nice relaxing atmosphere. Except for the traffic some have said. Traffic could be a problem considering the way some people drive in Lafayette! I have spent time in outdoor cafes in Europe and never gave the drivers a thought even though they drive crazier than people here. One reason I guess I never worried about the traffic was the concrete or metal posts protecting me from traffic. Traffic near those European cafes also produced a lot more air pollution than transportation in downtown Lafayette at any given hour.

I also wonder whether smoking restrictions will apply to the 'parklet'?

Great idea but it makes me wonder if the 'parklet' will have offspring and in what numbers before parking is effected? I don't think this is a conspiracy to make more drivers utilize paid parking garages but....nah, nevermind.

Get out there and check out the 'parklet' and let me know what you think of the idea.