Todd Starnes, Fox News commentator and award winning journalist visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' and discussed among other things how the power of his radio audience is protecting religion in America and having to defrost his 'Nutter Butters'.

When asked how he was doing on this cold winter morning in New York City Starnes replied,

Not too good.  My 'Nutter Butters' are frozen this morning...Felt like minus 3 coming out of the apartment this morning.

Recently Starnes posted stories on social media and on his daily commentaries concerning attacks on Christianity by the US Air Force and ESPN.  We noted that in both instances it seems like the Fox News pen was mightier than the anti-Christian sword but Starnes said,

I think it's my readers and our listeners who are taking action.  We're finally shedding light on these stories and folks are getting riled up and they're making calls and as a result they are facilitating change.  That's exciting to see.  Radio is very powerful.

We asked Starnes to detail ESPN's assault on Christianity and according to Starnes,

ESPN got themselves into a mess of trouble yesterday.  There is a Catholic children's hospital.  They do good deeds, they heal sick children.  They were given time to air a public service announcement on ESPN and they produced a PSA and it included phrases that ESPN found 'troubling'.  The first phrase they found troubling is the one said 'we celebrate the birth of Jesus'...There was another passage that was troubling and it went like this 'help us reveal God's healing presence this Christmas.  ESPN said those phrases violated their communities standards clause.

Approximately 15 minutes after Starnes aired his commentary about ESPN's stance ESPN changed their minds and the PSA will air as scheduled.

You can hear more from this morning's visit with Todd Starnes by clicking the link below: