Award winning journalist and Fox News Commentator Todd Starnes visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' to discuss President Obama's Mid-East visit.  We asked Starnes why the President didn't make this trip to Israel during his last administration before sequestration made us aware of how bad the budget is and he replied,

Why not just use Skype?  He could have saved millions and millions of dollars.

Starnes went on to say,

The President is all about 'optics'. That's the big buzz word. I wonder if they could explain the 'optics' of having the President deliver a speech under a giant painting of Yassar Arafat's head, the father of modern terrorism.  What's the 'optics' there?

According to Starnes,

It's difficult to understand how the main stream media can just give the President a pass when he says 'Israel has no greater friend than the United States' and then he hightails it across to the West Bank and he's all smiles and giggles hugging on all the Palestinians.

Starnes goes on to discuss how the government is spending $400,000 to study of the length of a duck's 'manhood' a million dollars to research why two thirds of lesbians are overweight but we don't have enough money in the treasury to let 3rd graders tour the White House.

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You can hear more from Todd by listening to the interview: