A lot of Cajuns are upset with the latest Netflix special from comedian Tom Segura.

Segura's latest standup special, "Disgraceful" describes his comedy as "bearded, bawty, and bitter," but some South Louisianian's are describing it as straight up rude.

The reason? A joke he told about an encounter he had while visiting Lafayette, LA.


According to Segura, he was shaking hands after a show when a guy sparked up a conversation. You can hear the joke in a video of a video posted by a Facebook user below, but if you want better quality I would suggest checking it out on Netflix (the NSFW joke is at the 24:00 minute mark).

According to a post on Reddit, Segura's gig and the encounter were both confirmed. We also got a little more back story on what may have prompted Segura to write the joke.


Some on social media felt the joke was funny, while others were deeply offended by his words. At the time of this post, there were definitely more of the latter.


Comedians are often accused of being offensive—especially in today's climate, but do you think Segura's joke went too far? It should be noted that the joke falls in directly line with Segura's signature style and he is arguably one of the top comedians in the world right now.

Personally, I think he may have gone a bit far, but only because I know how great we are as Cajun people. Some of the commentary could have been left out and it would have been just as funny, but again—that's just me.

Also, I've noticed that Cajun people don't take kindly to folks making fun of us—unless the person making fun of us, is one of us. To quote a friend: "Tom Segura is going to lose a lot of fans that he never had in the first place."

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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