Investigators with the Louisiana State Fire Marshal's Office are investigating after a man died in a house fire early Monday morning.

Chief Bryan J. Adams says they are not yet releasing the name of the person who perished in the fire, but they do believe it is the 67-year-old man who had been living in the RV in Eunice.

As firefighters were working to put out the blaze the man was found deceased in the doorway.

Further information about the autopsy results will be released by the St. Landry Parish Coroner's Office.

Investigators say the RV had no working smoke alarms and just hours before the person living there had mentioned to family members that there were some electrical issues he was concerned about that were happening.

Because of the extensive damage caused by the fire investigators were unable to determine the exact cause of the fire and where it originated.

Chief Adams wants to remind residents that using extension cords for a long-term purpose is not a good idea. He adds that it is imperative to ensure that you are not overloading your electrical circuits as well.

They want everyone to make sure that their home has at least one smoke detector, and the state of Louisiana does have a program to help those who can't afford one to be able to get one. The program, called Operation Save-A-Life, aims to help people get access to a smoke detector.

You can find out more information about getting a smoke alarm by visiting

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