As 2020 continues to beat us up on the playground, Hurricane Delta is now on it's way to South Louisiana to steal our lunch money. As we all prepare for what's ahead, there are a couple of things we need to take care of that aren't normally on our check lists.

One of the things we don't normally have to deal with are Halloween decorations. I can't remember a year where I had to take them down in preparation of a hurricane. Many people around Acadiana have been decorating for Halloween, and those decorations could cause serious problems due to hurricane force winds and flooding. So, as much of a pain as it's going to be, make sure you've got the Halloween decorations put away before Delta gets here.

The second thing to be aware of is your storm debris from Hurricane Laura. Crews around Acadiana have been working swiftly the past few weeks, but there's still quite a bit on curbs still waiting for pickup. In event of flooding, the last thing any neighborhood wants is this debris floating down the street and clogging storm drains. So, if it's reasonable, try and move what you can to an area where it's less likely to become a problem. However, before you do check your pickup schedule. You can look at the LCG pickup zone map HERE.

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