Since the Spring of last year, the University of Louisiana has had a mixture of the types of classes that have been offered, including virtual, in-person, and a mixture. That is going to change for the Fall 2021 as UL Lafayette President Joe Savoie states in a recent blog on the university's website.

While the Summer session classes will remain much as they have been since last year, for the Fall semester Savoie says most of the classes will happen with in-person instruction.

He commends students, faculty, and staff for taking the many measures that they have over the past year to fight the transmission of Covid-19 infection. And the President of the university asks that everyone using the campus remain vigilant even as more vaccination options are opening up to more people.

Savoie says that the goal is to make the fall semester "as close to normal as possible".

He says with the help of everyone at the institution they were able to constantly changed the delivery method of education to keep students in school without the necessity of in-person education.

You can click here to see his whole letter to the school.

One of the big things on the horizon right now is the beginning of advising of students. In addition, registration of students will begin this month.

It's going to feel much like it felt before the pandemic began. Savoie says,

Your diligence, coupled with the increasing availability of vaccines, enables us to expect that campus life in the Fall 2021 semester will look, feel and be much as it was before the pandemic.

Savoie says if things need to change, they will stay abreast of the situation.

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