As we journey through the vast landscape of the internet, there's one thing we need to keep our eyes wide open for – the security of our online selves. Imagine this journey like a thrilling adventure, but instead of dodging virtual dragons, we're navigating the treacherous territory of hackers and cyber threats. And guess what? We've stumbled upon a hidden treasure map revealing the 10 most hacked passwords – the keys to the virtual kingdom that many unsuspecting users are still using!

In this cyber quest, we're not here to point fingers or shame anyone; rather, let's embark on a quest for knowledge and empowerment. It's time to shine a light on those passwords that might as well be waving a neon flag saying, "Come hack me!" So, grab your cyber-swords (metaphorically, of course) as we unveil the top 10 most hacked passwords that are like breadcrumbs leading hackers straight to our digital castles.

10 Most Hacked Computer Passwords

The site Becker's Hospital Review looked at the most hacked passwords and came up with this list.

Gallery Credit: Canva

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