It’s hard to believe that we ended last school year with the Coronavirus pandemic and now we’re starting the school year still dealing with the global pandemic. Many teenagers have been bored throughout the summer since they’ve been stuck at home. Not 15-year-old Christopher Kilpatrick in Jacksonville, Florida. Kilpatrick has been busy doing something that had a huge impact on his community.  Kilpatrick is a computer wiz and he decided to refurbish old computers and donate them to kids who are involved in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program.

According to First Coast News, Kilpatrick is a student at The Bolles School and he had a summer internship at Urban Mining, a technology company. At Urban Mining they get retired computers from businesses. That is where Kilpatrick saw an opportunity to help. Because he knows that a computer is essential for all students to learn in today’s world, but many can’t afford one, he realized this is how he could help.


The retired computers that were given to Urban Mining were going to become salvaged goods, but instead, he refurbished them to donate them to those in need. Johnnie Mcburnie with Urban Mining said Kilpatrick was doing four to five machines a day.

Kilpatrick ended up refurbishing 20 desktop computers, including monitors, programs, and other ancillary needs. Those 20 computers were donated to the nonprofit Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

Kilpatrick said there were lessons learned from his summer internship. He learned the lesson of giving and the lesson of good stewardship, and the importance of recycling.

Christopher Kilpatrick, thank you. Thank you for doing something so impactful for your community.

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